Evan & Alicia's Wedding at Paddlefish in Disney Springs

Our couple was so much fun to work with at Disney Springs, the Walt Disney World shopping and entertainment hub! Shooting a Disney Wedding has been on my photographer bucket list forever and I was so excited to jump into this day at the beautiful Paddlefish restaurant. Their wedding was on the rooftop and regardless of a few raindrops it was perfect. Alicia looked like a Disney Princess in her beautiful gown and tiara! We loved playing with the dress and having her twirl it for photos! Evan & Alicia's Wedding at Paddlefish in Disney Springs was so fun.

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Rooftop at Paddlefish restaurant in Disney Springs
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Wedding on the rooftop of Paddlefish
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I met Evan's parents at a marriage retreat years ago. They connected us with Evan and Alicia when they became engaged in 2021. As a wedding photographer from the Midwest now living in Central Florida, I was so blessed to have the opportunity to shoot their wedding. Not only was it on Disney property near Orlando, but it was also my first wedding after moving here! Restarting a wedding photography business in Central Florida after working in Illinois as a photographer for over 10 years has been a challenge. Not to mention the whole 2020 pandemic situation! We moved to Lakeland, FL in Feb. of 2020 - literally just a few weeks before COVID hit the US hard and shut everything down. So we moved across the country, the pandemic shut everything down, and I took a much needed break from photography. Meanwhile I'm over here trying to swim through keeping my kids home, looking for new work, and adjusting to the warmer climates. Slowly I came back around to getting my business up and running again!

Early 2021 we found out that Garren (my husband) has two autoimmune diseases which keeps him from helping as much with the business, so we made the decision to change the business name from Rachel & Garren • Photo and Film to what it's called now! We are now Must Love Adventures • Photo & Film and we service Central, FL along with anywhere else in the world that clients take us. Now that we have checked "Disney Wedding" off our bucket list, we have other travel and wedding adventures to check off our list! What's next? Maybe a wedding on the coast of Costa Rica? Or a wedding in the mountains of Colorado? We are always up for an adventure, so if you are getting married and you're looking for the perfect photographer and videographer team - be sure to contact us!

Ceremony Venue: Paddlefish Restaurant at disney springS in Lake Buena Vista, FL

Reception Venue: Rainforest Cafe at Disney Springs in lake buena vista, FL

Wedding Photographer: Must Love Adventures Photo and Film