Rosie & Dom’s wedding

This duo met at work during their days together at Legoland in Florida. The theme park loving couple got engaged at one of their favorite spots and started planning their wedding. After the wedding they took a honeymoon that included a Taylor Swift Eras Tour concert night! Which doesn’t surprise me at all considering her T. Swift themed wedding vows. I asked the bride for a copy of them and she happily obliged. Check out her amazingly sweet and clever notes to her groom:

Hey Babe,

I must be The Lucky One because you are the King of My Heart. Never in my Wildest Dreams did I think the Story of Us would lead to you being my Superman. I may never know The Moment I Knew I fell in love with you, but it felt like I was finally coming Out of the Woods. When you saved my life back in July of 2021, I Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve realized I was Safe and Sound. I remember that day All Too Well. You understood and stayed with ME! when I was so Delicate. You have brought me so much Peace. Today, I vow to spend every Daylight and Midnight with you. You will be The Man I kiss every New Year’s Day. I will try to never be too Mean, and never go to bed a Mad Woman (unless you tell me, “You Need To Calm Down.”) I wish to bring you Happiness and make every day The Best Day. I vow to celebrate your love, not just Tolerate It. I will work with you to keep what’s Mine, yours, and Ours Clean as we try to find A Place In This World. I will be The 1 for you Seven days a week. Call It What You Want, but This Love is Timeless. I want you to be my Lover, my End Game, Forever and Always, for Evermore. Long Story Short, as we enter August, know that in this Love Story, I’m so glad that You Belong With Me.

Totally in love with her cotton candy pink dress with detachable skirt!!

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Wedding and reception both located in Central, FL.